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Re: Macro for(UP_and_DOWN) and 3 similar. (issue 2491) (issue 6109046)

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Macro for(UP_and_DOWN) and 3 similar. (issue 2491) (issue 6109046)
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 14:02:23 +0100
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On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 01:44:14PM +0200, Łukasz Czerwiński wrote:
>    As I understand, will correct that automatically, so I don't
>    have to bother about that? Nevertheless I'll remember that for my
>    future patches. can correct those, but this adds "noise" to the git
commit history.  We generally prefer it if commits already follow
the correct style.

>    For me it sounds like blaming me that I'm a beginner developer on
>    Lilypond project, so my work isn't as optimized as it should be. It's
>    not nice for me, really, and it doesn't encourage me to submit my
>    patches either.

yes, this is a huge problem.  You really need a mentor to guide
you through this process.  Janek Warcho did this for a few months,
but he gave up due to university work.

I believe that you're both Polish, so I really *really* wish that
he would offer to guide you.  You're in the same time zone, you
presumably speak the same native language, etc.

Honestly, if you don't have a mentor, I would actually recommend
that you stop trying to help lilypond for the next few months.
This is our fault, not yours -- the lilypond project unfortunately
cannot offer you a "fair" chance to help out.  It might be better
in late summer.

I know that this is not a very positive message, but I am trying
to save you yet more anguish.  The lilypond project currently does
not even function smoothly between senior developers with more
than 100 commits each; there is very little chance for a new
contributor to have a smooth and pleasant time helping us.

>    I'd like to know how to run regtests. Should I
>    follow:Â [6]
>    test-comparison and compare all those tests that differ?

Yes.  You should be able to state confidently that any differences
between those comparisons are intentional.

- Graham

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