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Font substitutions

From: Tobias Schlemmer
Subject: Font substitutions
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 15:19:58 +0400
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LilyPond 2.4.9:
I want to substitute the cmr fonts by the ec fonts or something else.
Well, I know that I can copy font.scm in the working directory and edit
it to my needs. But this has one big disadvantage: All of that nice
changes have to be done everytime font.scm changes. But I'd like to use
a more general form, which can be provided by .ly files with the
lilypond distribution. In fact I want a really general implementation,
which is compatible to latex's inputenc.sty, fontenc.sty and when
neccessary babel system. But for now I'd like _substitute_ the cmr fonts
by the t1 fonts. Is it sufficient to modify paper20-style-sheet-alist ?
Or have I to call some function? 

Well, adding some lines to the list is not so difficult, but I don't know
how to delete some lines from a .ly file. 

Why do I need it? Well I'm typesetting some songs, and embed them in a
LaTeX document, which uses fontencoding T1 and latin1 and latin2
inputencoding. Unfortunately lily doesn't understand them at all, but I
had no big problems with box sizes for now. The small differences are
hidden by TeX and it's much better to have a Slovak "\v t" in T1 than in
normal cmr (you can try it).

I think the font problem shold be solved at least in 2.8, because it
keeps the eastern half of Europe a little bit far from Lilypond, though
at least LaTeX2e has all necessary features for them. Part of the
solution should be the possibility to change the encoding at an
arbitrary position in the input file. 

I've some further suggestions, but I don't have acess to the archives
for now and and dislike unneccessary redundance on the wrong list. And
can't help implementing them at the moment for several reasons. 


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