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Re: tuplets

From: Stephen Peters
Subject: Re: tuplets
Date: 11 Jun 2002 20:50:34 -0400
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Jule Slootbeek <address@hidden> writes:

> soprano = \notes c''2 c2
> alto = \notes \times 2/3 { a'2 a'2 a'2 }
> it should just come out with the soprano line playing 2 half notes
> in a bar, and the alto line playing 3 half notes in the bar, taking
> up exzctly the same amout of beats as the 2 half notes. 

> so is it a lilypond error?

No, it's just the state of music notation.  Hulking, expensive
programs like Sibelius and Finale will give you the same effect as
Lilypond here.

The central philosophy of music notation is that notes are laid out
horizontally in the order that they are first heard, and last until
the next note, rest, or measure indicator.  If I recall, this is a
hold-over from early music notation, which didn't even change the look
of the noteheads to specify duration until the 13th century or so.

In this case, since the second note of the soprano line starts to be
played before the third note of the alto line, it is spaced that way
horizontally.  The musicians should be used to recognizing that both
voices will end simultaneously at the conclusion of the measure.

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