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Re: \key

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: \key
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 14:15:32 -0700
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Laura Conrad wrote:

"Paul" == Paul Scott <address@hidden> writes:

   >>> p.s. I am getting two copies of everything from this thread.  The
   >>> first one of each pair lacks the last three identification lines.
   >> You shoud set your Mail-Followup-To: header.
>> Paul> Are you referring some particular software. I use Mozilla mail-news
   Paul> and don't know what that option means.  Why would this only be
   Paul> happening in this thread?

Because in this list, the default behavior is to reply to the poster,

You are clearly talkling about human behavior not software behavior. I am subscribed to several Debian lists where Reply doesn't go to the list as it does with the other lists I am subscribed to. For the Debian lists I change the addressee to the list address after I hit Reply as I am doing with lilypond-user. On the Debian lists a non-subscribed user will specifically request a personal reply.
Mail-Followup-To: address@hidden

Again, this must apply to certain e-mail software. I am not of aware of this option with Mozilla.

But I just deal with getting both copies, myself.
I guess it's not so bad if the only duplicates I get are the ones sent to me in this manner and not everything from the list.



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