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Re: Help request: multiple staffs and lyrics

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Help request: multiple staffs and lyrics
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 16:43:05 +0100
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Take a look at some of the lyrics examples in the tips-and-tricks
document (third time today that I refer to the same document on
the mailing list!). Go to, click on Documentation:Index
and then on tips-and-tricks and search for "lyrics".


Christ van Willegen wrote:
Mats Bengtsson wrote:

Forgot to mention that you also can find this template file
as well as several others at

Ok, I found those... but I still have a question.

When I want to make several stanza's, I need to make seperate lyrics for them, i.e. (to copy from your example)

sopWordsA = \lyrics { hi4 hi hi hi  }
sopWordsB = \lyrics { HI4 HI HI HI  }

Then, I tried this (later on in the example file):
     \context Lyrics = sopLyrs { s1 }
       \context Staff = women \context Voice = VA { \voiceOne \sopMusic }
       \context Lyrics = "sopLyrs-1" { \property Lyrics . stanza = "1."
           \sopWordsA }
       \context Lyrics = "sopLyrs-2" { \property Lyrics . stanza = "2."
           \sopWordsB }

...but this puts the Soprano text at the _bottom_ of the score. And the Alto lyrics are missing.

I must be mising something obvious (a brain, for instance), but what is it? I tried putting the 2 Lyrics contexts into { }, but this gives me only 1 stanza ... at the bottom. But, the Alto lyrics are there, this time :-)

   \context Lyrics = "sopLyrs-1" { s1 }
   \context Lyrics = "sopLyrs-2" { s1 }

near the top of the StaffGroup gives me
1. hi hi hi hi

at the top of the score...  And the Alto lyrics are missing _again_.

Again, I may be missing a brain here, but can anyone give me a clue about this?


Christ van Willegen

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