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Re: altering the tempo of a MIDI file

From: Milan M. Horák
Subject: Re: altering the tempo of a MIDI file
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 12:57:52 -0100
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clive CATTERALL scripsit:

> I have tried altering
> \midi  { \tempo 4=120}
> up to
> \midi  { \tempo 4=240}
> with no noticeable effect.

I had the same problem under Linux (RedHat) / KDE. A friend of mine having the 
same configuration had no problems. MIDI files built by him und by me were 
the same, but in his computer they had various tempos, in my computer they 
had only the tempo 120 - that is why I think it was no LilyPond bug. Nobody 
could understand, what the problem was. Now, after updating LilyPond, 
OS-version and sound card, I have no problems more. 

     Milan Horak

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