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general question regarding appoggiaturas and acciaccaturas

From: Jost Schenck
Subject: general question regarding appoggiaturas and acciaccaturas
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 12:18:22 +0200
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I'm rather new to LilyPond and music typesetting and currently doing my first 
larger work. While porting my files to version 2.0.0 I noticed that LilyPond 
now has \appoggiatura and \acciaccatura keywords, which makes things much 
easier (not having to set stroke-style every time etc.). These keywords 
always add a slur.

Now, in a rather old music edition I am currently transcribing, both 
appoggiaturas and acciaccaturas are sometimes slurred sometimes not. I know 
that I can still create an unslurred grace with the \grace keynote -- but I 
wonder where is the difference and if maybe the editor of my edition just 
didn't really care. As to me it seems hard to distinguish slurred and 
unslurred graces (well, harder than slurred normal notes) and as slurred 
appoggiaturas/acciaccaturas are default now in LilyPond I wonder whether this 
is rather a change in notation style over the centuries than a real musical 
difference. Can somebody enlighten me on this? Can I just use slurred graces 
or should I stick to the difference my edition makes?

Thanks a lot,

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