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Re: multiple markups when combining voices on single staff

From: Niki Pantelias
Subject: Re: multiple markups when combining voices on single staff
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2003 23:20:47 -0400
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  Hi Graham (everyone),

  Thanks for the reply.  I have experimented a bit with \partcombine, but I 
believe it is limited to only two voices; I need to put three or four voices 
on a single staff.  Also, I'd like to have the stems "shared" across 
noteheads not set in opposite directions as \partcombine does.

 Just using simultaneous music, as I've been doing so far, combines noteheads 
and dynamic markings exactly as I'd like, but doesn't seem to work so well 
for articulation or solo sections (where it sets notes and rests on top of 
each other).

  Does anyone know if this is supposed to work, or if there is a workaround?  
Or a way to make \partcombine work with more than two voices?

  -- Niki

On Saturday 04 October 2003 01:41 pm, Graham Percival wrote:
> On Sat, 04 Oct 2003 11:57:45 -0400
> Niki Pantelias <address@hidden> wrote:
> >   I'm trying to make a score which has several voices on a staff.  I'm
> > using identifiers to define each voice separately so that I can use the
> > same input file to print out individual parts.  Each definition contains
> > its own dynamic and articulation markings, etc.
> I believe that \partcombine takes care of this, but I haven't used it yet. 
> Have a look for \partcombine stuff in the manual and especially in the
> examples.
> Cheers,
> - Graham

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