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Re: constructive criticism

From: Ferenc Wagner
Subject: Re: constructive criticism
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004 23:17:21 +0100
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Han-Wen Nienhuys <address@hidden> writes:

>> The "manual with comments" format might still help you,
>> though.  Whenever you take a documentation-day before a
>> release, you could review the new comments, and
>> incorporate good suggestions into the docs.  It lowers
>> the barrier for users, and isn't a constant drain on your
>> time.
> Yes true.  Is anyone willing to host a wiki for this? It
> would be easy to link foobar.html into a wiki?foobar/
> site.

I can't see hundreds of people queueing up, so I jump in.
<> is waiting for you.  The
moment (or year?) of truth is approaching... :)


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