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SATB 2-staff template and request for suggestions

From: Ray McKinney
Subject: SATB 2-staff template and request for suggestions
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 18:29:47 -0800 (PST)

Hello all,

I'm a fairly new lilypond user, and most of my engraving will be choral music.
I found the SATB example in the documentation helpful, but frequently choir
music is reduced to two staves. The main point of this example, however, is to
point out a way to right-justify the part names before the first staff. I know
it took a lot of digging, reading, and trial-and-error before I found a way to
do it. I've found several cases in the mailing list archives asking about text
alignment, so this might answer a few people's questions.

Since I am so new to lilypond, I'm certainly open to suggestions on ways I can
improve this template, which I modified from the satb example with 4 staves and
4 sets of lyrics in the example templates. I've attached a small PNG graphic to
show a portion of the output.

Thanks to everyone for such a knowledgable community,

\include ""
\version "2.0.1"
% SATB Template on 2 staves

% Music for each voice. S and T will have stems up, A and B stems down
sopMusic = \notes  \relative c'' { c d e f }
altoMusic = \notes  \relative c' { e f g a }
tenorMusic = \notes \relative c' { g a b c }
bassMusic = \notes \relative c { c d e f }

% Lyrics will be printed between the staves.
allWords = \lyrics { Sing,4 Sing, Sing, Sing! }

% Generate the part names before the first staff. I use a space after each name
to provide a little separation between the word and the staff brace.
partNameUpper = \property Staff.instrument = \markup { \column < {\right-align
"Soprano "} {\right-align "Alto "} > }
partNameLower = \property Staff.instrument = \markup { \column < {\right-align
"Tenor "} {\right-align "Bass "} > }

\score { \notes

% Use ChoirStaff to avoid barlines between the staves. Use StaffGroup to have
connected barlines.
          \context ChoirStaff <<

% Set order of Staves and Lyrics
          \context Staff = upperstaff { \partNameUpper \clef treble \key c 
\time 4/4 s1 }
          \context Lyrics = allLyrs { s1 }
          \context Staff = lowerstaff {  \partNameLower \clef bass \key c 
\major \time
4/4 s1 }

% Apply music to staves. Final double-bar will be applied to all staves in the
        \context Staff = upperstaff \context Voice = VA { \voiceOne \sopMusic 
"|." }
            \context Staff = upperstaff \context Voice = VB { \voiceTwo 
\altoMusic }
            \context Lyrics = allLyrs { \allWords}
        \context Staff = lowerstaff \context Voice = VA { \voiceOne \tenorMusic 
        \context Staff = lowerstaff  \context Voice = VB { \voiceTwo \bassMusic 
  \paper {

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