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Re: non-latin1 characters

From: Michał Dwużnik
Subject: Re: non-latin1 characters
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 20:05:14 +0100

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 14:10:28 +0100, Bertalan Fodor <address@hidden> wrote:
> Two solutions:
> 1. use TeX encoding and TeX markups, with \markup in strings
> \encoding "TeX"
> \header {
>     title = "\H{u}"
> }
> \lyrics {
>     \H{o}
> }
> \score { c^\markup { "\H{o}" } (doublequote was missing)

Works. Would be easier to use ą instead of \k{a} and so on, but that
can be done with
some sed between saving the file and running lilypond.  

The documentation is not too talkative on "encoding" topic, I must say. 
It would be very nice to have some examples for non-latin1 guys among 
the other great examples for exotic needs  -  some people may claim that
writing in Swedish, Polish, or Hungarian is less exotic than engraving 
with hufnagel style  ;).

> 2. Take pfaedit, and edit the ec-fonts font files: replace latin1
> characters with yours, and use \encoding "latin1" Preferably, we could
> make a "latin2" font.
No way, man :). I have enough fonts with correct characters in correct places, 
and mimicking latin1 using latin2 font is certainly not the way it shall be.
Won't font=something do the trick for us without messing with the pfaedit 
(and the possibility of getting the weird characters in LaTeX instead 
of the weird characters in lilypond :) )?

For me it would be perfect to be able to _specify_ that I want .latex
and .tex output files and nothing else, that would let me do all the
tricks (well, all the ones I can imagine at
the moment) with national characters or changing the font to something
I find of good quality writing in LaTeX.

Best regards and many thanks for "TeX" example


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