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Re: convert-ly

From: Jan Janovcik
Subject: Re: convert-ly
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 04:59:12 -0800 (PST)

Thanks, this will help me to get good output from the
converted input files (i.e. without shifted lyrics...
:-) I have downloaded the input files as well as the
original pdf's from (great site
dedicated to the music of T.L. de Victoria) and the
pdf files are of poor quality - it seems like there
were no type 1 fonts in Lilypond 1.4 ...

Anyway, it would still be nice if this issue with ties
could be addressed in future versions of convert-ly. 

The choir, I sing is, is preparing a performance of
Victoria's Officio Defunctorum and I decided to
typeset a barless part in alto cleff for myself (I
sing alto and as a former pianist I decided I need
some training in reading alto cleff :-) instead of
singing from the score with all voices in modern
clefs. I have the input files for the score and I'm
making this part - so I manually replace all tied
notes with their real lenght notes, etc. - i.e. the
trick you proposed won't work here.

Anyway, thanks for quick and (partially) helpfull



--- Mats Bengtsson <address@hidden> wrote:

> The easiest solution for you is probably to tell
> your current version of
> LilyPond to also ignore ties when assigning lyrics
> to notes
> (assuming that you use version 2.4.x now, always
> tell what version
> you use to get a relevant answer):
> \score{
>    ...
> \layout{
>    ...
>    \context{
>      \Score
>      melismaBusyProperties = #'(melismaBusy
> slurMelismaBusy beamMelismaBusy)
>    }
> }
> }
> The default definition can be found at
> and some explanations can be found at
>     /Mats

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