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Re: Help Installing Lilypond

From: Michiel Lange
Subject: Re: Help Installing Lilypond
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 13:49:05 +0100
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Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

Alberto Sim�es writes:

I'm compiling lilypond. Yes. I know. I'm crazy. But there is no
slackware package for 2.4.x


So are we going to see whole flocks of Slackware users submitting
build problems or give up on Lily?  Alternatively, what would be the
best way to get the Slackware developers/community to produce a 2.4

I've been doing my best to create a package, but had some trouble finding out the exact ./configure parameters used in the previous versoins.
For cleanness I would very much like to keep them more or less the same.
If I would have a succesfull compile I would make a package and submit it, so we would not have alot of questions in the mailing lists ;-)

Maybe there are some people who have successfully built slack packages in the past that are willing to shed some light on this? :-)

- Michiel

    status = system (trace_command (pbmfile, ''), 1)
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable
make: *** [pfa/ecbx10.pfa] Error 1


Do you have potrace installed?  What version of python are you using?


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