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Re: marks, voltas, and key signatures

From: Anthony W. Youngman
Subject: Re: marks, voltas, and key signatures
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 00:01:07 +0000
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In message <address@hidden>, Graham
King <address@hidden> writes
>I'm new to this game so the following might not be optimal, but I solved
>your first problem thus:
>\once \override Score.RehearsalMark #'self-alignment-X = #-1 \mark
>\markup \large \bold { Tempo 1 \super \right-align o }

Thanks. Done :-)
>'fraid I can't help with the voltas.

I've seen an email on the list from Mats. Unfortunately, I can't get his
solution to work :-( Code follows ...

%\override Score.VoltaBracket #'minimum-space = #1

\score {

        \override VoltaBracket #'minimum-space = #1

The first (commented out) version blows up with "unexpected override".
The second fails with "ignored - score already contains music". I've
tried swapping "override" for "set", and that doesn't seem to work,
either :-( failing with "expecting =" *on* the equals sign! (iirc)

The other thing is, I want to set it globally, so I would rather set it
OUTSIDE the "\score{}" scope, otherwise I have to keep on setting
everywhere rather than just doing it once.

> Your third problem (key
>signatures) has been discussed at some length on the list within the
>last couple of weeks.  Look for a thread with subject line

Found, thanks. In other words, if I read the thread correctly, it can't
be done :-(
>-- Graham
>On Sat, 2005-01-22 at 18:28, Anthony W. Youngman wrote:
>> Various problems I want to fix ...
>> Marks - I want to put some text on a barline. I thought it was "\mark
>> \markup", but that centres the text over the barline - no use when it's
>> a long text :-( I want the text to start over the bar, not centred. How
>> do I left-justify a mark, or what else should I do?
>> Voltas - is this a bug? They're floating way too high over the staff. An
>> "x time bar" to me should be sitting almost touching the staff. But
>> there's a gap the same height as the volta between it and the staff. AS
>> I say, is this a bug, or how do I move the volta down?
>> And key signatures. I'm not used to seeing accidentals cancelled then
>> reset. If I go from, say, three flats to four, lilypond gives me SEVEN
>> accidentals, three naturals and four flats. To me it should be just four
>> flats. Likewise, going from four flats to three, I would expect the key
>> signature to be one accidental followed by three flats. How do I get
>> this behaviour?
>> Cheers,
>> Wol
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