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Re: marks, voltas, and key signatures

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: marks, voltas, and key signatures
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 13:13:48 +0000
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address@hidden wrote:
> On 25-Jan-05, at 5:40 AM, address@hidden wrote:
> > address@hidden wrote:
> >> Read the chapter on "changing defaults"; it discusses where to
> >> place that override.
> >
> > Found it, thanks. Next problem ... I can't see an "ignore collisions" 
> > type property for VoltaBracket. Bearing in mind that it's mostly empty 
> > space, I can't see the point (in most situations) of avoiding a 
> > collision. And, just as kerning allows the boxes round letters to 
> > collide while the letters themselves don't, I'd like to allow the 
> > empty space in a VoltaBracket to collide with eg stems... of the top 
> > of my head I think this is normal behaviour in the music I've seen.
> Remember to keep lilypond traffic on lilypond-user so that everybody
> else can read the replies.

Sorry. It's no problem when I'm at home using my email client, but at the 
moment I'm using webmail which doesn't seem to know about "reply all". If I 
forget to manually edit the list in ...
> I don't know if you can ignore collisions, but you could always move it 
> around
> with #'extra-offset.  I can't recall ever seeing collisions in 
> well-engraved
> music, though.
If you mean a stem colliding with the volta bracket itself, I'd agree with you. 
If however, you mean a stem colliding with empty space in the volta bracket, I 
probably see that all the time. Lilypond's default offset of 5 looks weird to 
my eyes, but I guess it was set at that to avoid the effect I get, of brackets 
bouncing up and down to avoid collisions.

As I think I said, think of it as kerning ... the boxes surrounding the 
characters are allowed to overlap, because the characters in the box don't 
actually occupy the whole box. For 90% of a volta bracket, it only occupies the 
very top of its box, so typically a colliding stem or head will not *appear* to 

I'll play with extra-offset (I presume it's happy with negative values?). I'll 
also investigate adding an "ignore collisions" property (defaulting to false, 
of course), because if most of my music doesn't go much outside of the staff, 
lily's default settings are a pain. Bear in mind I'm mostly setting parts for 
monotonic instruments ... the only time setting an "ignore collisions" property 
to true will cause me problems is if I go higher than b in the bass clef or e'' 
in the treble. It'd be less hassle to ignore collisions by default and adjust 
such collisions as might occur.


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