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Re: Png ouput quality was RE: .tex in texniccentre

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Png ouput quality was RE: .tex in texniccentre
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 23:23:39 -0800

Please keep lilypond traffic on the mailist, so that other people can
benefit from the answers

On 14-Feb-05, at 9:54 PM, Anton Woldhek wrote:
If you want to have short (or long!) examples within a text
document, then please read the section about lilypond-book;
that's exactly what it's for.

Yes but id like to stay within LaTeX, im on windows using texniccentre. The solution im currently using is export to pdf, then open the pdf in GIMP edit
it a bit, then save the part as png there, then it looks pretty nice.

That's exactly what lilypond-book does... except that it automates the
insertion and whatnot.

I looked at lilypond-book, although it looks really nice it would complicate live for me I think. I'd really just prefer to \input the ps, pdf or TeX
into LaTeX, unfortunatly this doesn't seem possible (esp with small

Here, I'll show you the steps:

%%%%% input file: simply.lytex.  Run "lilypond-book simple.lytex"

Normal LaTeX text.

\relative c''{ a4 b c d }


%%%%% next file: simple.tex.  Run "latex simple.tex"

Normal LaTeX text.

\parindent 0pt
\ifx\preLilyPondExample \undefined
\input lily-203923813-systems.tex
\ifx\postLilyPondExample \undefined


%%%%  other steps: normal latex stuff.  (dvi, ps, pdf)

I don't know what texniccentre is like, but I'm pretty certain that
lilypond-book is exactly what you're after.

- Graham

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