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Re: Png ouput quality was RE: .tex in texniccentre

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Png ouput quality was RE: .tex in texniccentre
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 18:35:14 +0100
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Anton Woldhek wrote:
Hello Graham, lilypond list.

Please keep lilypond traffic on the mailist, so that other people can benefit from the answers

Yes, thanks for pointing thatout to me, most of the mailingslists I
subscribe to set it up with the reply-to thing, hence my mistake. I'll tyr
to pay more attention next time :)

I don't know what texniccentre is like, but I'm pretty certain that lilypond-book is exactly what you're after.

The thing im worried about is that lilypond doesn't have the packages I will
need, like babel, and that ill have to spend more time learning LaTeX then
im currently interested in.

For the text part of the document, you can use anything in a
lilypond-book that you can use in a separate LaTeX document and
for the music examples, you can do anything in a lilypond-book document
as you can do in a separate .ly file, so I don't really see the

Just as Graham, I don't really know anything about texniccentre, but
I'm sure that when you ask it to process a document, it will save a
file and then process the file using the program called latex.
I guess that you run in Windows and currently use MikTeX. You cannot
use lilypond-book together with MikTeX, but the cygwin system contains
the teTeX system, which is just as capable as MikTeX (just make sure
to rerun setup.exe and install the packages 'tetex-base' and
'tetex-extra'). So, if you want to use lilypond-book together with
texniccentre, you should
- Find a way to insert the lilypond code into the document. I'm sure
  there's a way to insert arbitrary LaTeX code into the document, so
  that shouldn't be a problem.
- Instead of letting texniccentre run latex, you have to take the file
  saved by texniccentre and call first lilypond-book and then latex
  from within the Cygwin command window (as described in the LilyPond
  manual). It would probably be very easy for a hacker to automate this
  process, so you could do these steps also from within texniccentre,
  but to start with, you could do it manually.
In the second step, make sure to change directory to the directory where
texniccentre saved the file. Directory paths work differently in
Cygwin than in Windows, so if you for example want to change directory
to C:\Documents and Settings\MeAndMyself\, you should use the cygwin
cd /cygdrive/c/Documents\ and\ Settings/MeAndMyself


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