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Ant: Re: dvips fonts problem?

From: Matthias Warkentin
Subject: Ant: Re: dvips fonts problem?
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 20:12:36 +0200 (CEST)


> Could you please provide a small example file that
> illustrate the
> problem.
My .lytex file looks like that:

\usepackage{a4 wide, dsfont}


\speaker{Prophet} blablabla




with being:

\version "2.4.3"

\layout {


\relative c'' <<
            \new Staff {\set Staff.instrument = "$Sl$"
                        \time 3/4
                        \clef treble
                        \key e \minor
                        \partial 4
                        e8 e d4 e b c2 e8 e d4 e a, b2
e8 e e,4 g b8 b c4 d fis,8 fis g4 b a b2 \bar "|."
                        \addlyrics { Der ist nicht elf
mal zwölf, und der nicht acht mal sieb'n,
                        auch nicht neun mal acht --
und -- fünf -- zig...  viel -- leicht sind sie ja
prim? }
            \new Staff {
                        \time 3/4
                        \clef treble
                        \key e \minor
                        \partial 4
                        r4 g2. a fis e c2 d4 e d2 b2.
dis2 \bar "|."
            \new Staff {
                        \time 3/4
                        \key e \minor
                        \clef bass                    
                        \partial 4
                        r4 b2. a a g g a4 fis2 g2.
fis2 \bar "|."

            \new Staff {
                        \time 3/4
                        \key e \minor
                        \clef bass
                        \partial 4
                        r4 g,2. a d b c2 g4 a d2 e,2.
b'2 \bar "|."

Since this is my first piece I set with lilypond I am
very grateful for any advice how to improve it,
especially regarding its embedding in the text.
> Regarding your second question, it depends on what
> platform you
> use and what TeX distribution. At least in the xdvi
> included in
> the teTeX 3.0 distribution, all the postscript
Is this included in the tetex-base package? I think I
have a teTeX 3.0 distibution (which came along with
lilypond) but I have not found xdvi.

> a limitation
> of your dvi viewer, not of LilyPond itself.
So why is it necessary to use latex, dvips and then
ps2pdf, i.e. would latex and dvi2pdf work (although
this might only be a shortcut for the first way I'm
afraid) and why is it not possible to use pdf-latex
directly (there I get exactly the same picture as when
I view the .dvi in a (probably old) YAP)?
Thanks a lot for your answers!! (In fact I want to
finish my "opus" until tomorrow, so every mail is very

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