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Re: Including artwork

From: Thomas Scharkowski
Subject: Re: Including artwork
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 12:24:01 +0200

Hi Mats,

FYI: I have downloaded box.eps from your site and it worked.
I will respect your warning - I had tried different eps-files from 
different sources and none of them worked - except box.eps you 


> As I said, it's produced when you run the example,
> but I've uploaded a copy at
> However, before you spend too much time on this, I should also
> warn you that the \epsfile markup command is known to fail with
> many EPS files, for example those produced by GIMP. It seems
> that nobody has managed to come up with a good explanation, we
> probably need some Postscript expert to look into it.
>     /Mats

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