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Re: Sponsorship question; pdf files; captions

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Sponsorship question; pdf files; captions
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2006 21:21:01 +0100
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Linda Seltzer wrote:

PDF files
I haven't received replies on this, but one question I have is: what is
the difrerence between Adobe Acrobat and the reader that comes with a
Windows PC?  Does Acrobat provide the capability to convert a file from
.pdf format to a format that is readable as a picture in Microsoft word? I also need to be able to specify the length of the picture.

I'm not sure what you mean. Microsoft does not supply any
PDF reader, so if you had one on your machine when you
bought it, it must be the free Adobe Acrobat reader.
Of course, Adobe have an expensive version of Acrobat
as well, that can play some more tricks.
If I remember correctly, you can mark and copy a picture,
from a PDF file into MS Word also using the free reader.

In most textbooks in the US, the caption is *below* the musical example,
so the advice that I place the acption above the example is not useful.
Also, installing another editor is too much of a hassle.  Life is short
and I need user-friendly solutions that are quick and easy.
If you just want to add one or a few lines of text below each
musical example, you can easily do it in a plain .ly file, as has
already been shown in a previous answer to your question
on captions. Just do something like
\markup{Here comes some text after the first piece }

\markup{Some more text }

However, if you want to typeset a text document that contains
a number of musical examples, then I would propose to use
lilypond-book together with LaTeX.


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