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Re: Sponsorship question; pdf files; captions

From: Trevor Bača
Subject: Re: Sponsorship question; pdf files; captions
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2006 16:25:53 -0600

On 1/2/06, Linda Seltzer <address@hidden> wrote:
> Happy New Year Friends,
> Sponsorship
> I tried to send e-mail to the sponsorship address and received an error
> message.  Could someone please post information on sponsorship,
> particular, the amount in US dollars, with information on paying by check
> by U.S. air mail rather than paypal (last time I tried paypal it didn't
> work and I received the error message weeks later with no reason given as
> to why it didn't work).

Happy new year Linda,

Maybe you could mail Han-Wen directly at address@hidden and ask
about sponsorship and pricing?

Trevor Bača

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