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line breaks

From: jango
Subject: line breaks
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 09:04:41 -0800 (PST)

I thought they are added automatically. =\
I have that piece of music: ,encoded in lilypond.

If I uncomment all note lines a strange thing occures: all notes are
engraved on a single line, like that:
which is pretty strange =\

My question is how I can make those notes to spread out into 4 different
lines (like on the first picture). 

thanks a lot!

     \version "2.6.0"
     global = {
        \key bes \major
       % \time 4/4
     sopMusic = \relative c'' {
        b2 b2 \bar "||" \time 9/4 b4\( c4 d2\) d4 d4 c2\( b2\) ais2\( b4 c4\)

        %\relative c' 
        %d'2 d4 d4 
        %\relative c''
        %c2\( b2\) a2\( b4 c4\) d1 e2 e2 d1\( c1\) b1 
        %b4 b4 b4 b4 c4 d2\( c2\) b4 c4 d4\( c4 b4 ais4\) b2

        %b4 b4 c4 d2\( c2\) d4\( c4 b2\) ais2 b1

     altoMusic = \relative c''
        g2 g2 \bar "||" \time 9/4 g4 a4 b2 b4 b4 a2\( g2\) f2\( g4 a4\) \break

        %\relative c''
        %b2 b4 b4 \(a2 g2\) f2\( g4 a4\) b2\( b2\)
        %\relative c'
        %c'2 c2 
        %\relative c''
        %b1\( a1\) g1

        %g4 g4 g4 g4 a4 b2\( a2\) g4 a4 b4\( a4 g4 f4\) g2
        %g4 g4 a4 b2\( a2\) b4\( a4 g2\) f2 g1


     tenorMusic = \relative c' {
        d2 d2 \bar "||" \time 9/4 d4\( f4( f2)\) f4 f4 f2\( d2\) d2.\( f4\) 
        %\relative c'
        %f2 f4 f4 f2\( d2\) d2.\( f4\) f2\( g2\) g2 g2 g1\( fis1\) d1

        %d4 d4 d4 d4 f4 f1 d4 f4 f4\( e4 d2\) d2

        %d4 d4 f4 f1 f4\( e4 d2\) d2 d1
     bassMusic = \relative c' {
        <g, g'>2 <g g'>2 \bar "||" \time 9/4 g'4\( f4 <b, b'>2\) 4 4 f'2\( g2\)
d2\( g4 f4\) \break
        %\relative c'
        %<b, b'>2 4 <d b'> f2\( g2\) d2\( g4 f4\) <b, b'>2\( <g g'>2\) <c c'>2 
        %\relative c' <d, d'>1\( d1\) <g, g'>
        %g4 g4 g4 g4 f4 <b, b'>2\( f'2\) g4 f4 b,4\( c4 d2\) g2
        %g4 g4 f4 <b, b'>2\( f'2\) b,4\( c4 d2\) d2 c 
        %\relative c' <g, g'>1



     sopWords = \lyricmode {

     altoWords =\lyricmode {
        А -- минь. Веч -- _ -- _ -- на -- я па -- _ -- мять,

     tenorWords = \lyricmode {

     bassWords = \lyricmode {


     \score {
        \context ChoirStaff <<
           \context Lyrics = sopranos { s1 }
           \context Staff = women <<
              \context Voice =
                sopranos { \voiceOne << \global \sopMusic >> }
              \context Voice =
                altos { \voiceTwo << \global \altoMusic >> }
           \context Lyrics = altos { s1 }
           \context Lyrics = tenors { s1 }
           \context Staff = men <<
              \clef bass
              \context Voice =
                tenors { \voiceOne <<\global \tenorMusic >> }
              \context Voice =
                basses { \voiceTwo <<\global \bassMusic >> }
           \context Lyrics = basses { s1 }
           \context Lyrics = sopranos \lyricsto sopranos \sopWords
           \context Lyrics = altos \lyricsto altos \altoWords
           \context Lyrics = tenors \lyricsto tenors \tenorWords
           \context Lyrics = basses \lyricsto basses \bassWords
        \layout {
           \context {
              % a little smaller so lyrics
              % can be closer to the staff
              \Staff minimumVerticalExtent = #'(-3 . 3)

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