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Re: Different names of notes

From: Tomasz Bojczuk
Subject: Re: Different names of notes
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006 23:06:18 +0200
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Dnia sobota, 1 kwietnia 2006 21:01, Tomasz Bojczuk napisaƂ:
> Hi
> Sorry for question not directly connected with Lilypond, but here is the
> the best place to ask it, and i (as devoted Lilypond user) can do this
> :-)(I hope)
> What are different standards of note names in the world ??
> For egzample in Poland (and some close countries) notes can be:
> 1. C C# Db D D# .... A A#  (is Hb) H (i know that in USA and others it is
> B) 2. C Cis Des D Dis Es E ..... As A Ais B (Hb) H His
>    and Cisis Deses Eses etc... Asas Aisis Heses
> or 3. Do Do# (we can call "Do with sharp") Re (and "Re with flat") Mi Fa
> Sol La Si
> Are there any other posibilities in other countries ??
> For keys signature names we can tell (or write):
> 1. C-maj (dur) , e-minor (moll) Fis-maj(dur) or F#-maj(dur)
> but never Do-dur (it looks very funny !!)
> In east countries (Russia, Ukraine) it is OK (f.e. Do#-major)
> Please tell me more
> Regards
>       Tomasz

Thanks Mats Bengtsson and Geoff Horton for help..
I sow 
and it is enought. I found what i was looking for.


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