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Re: Beginners first attempt

From: Colin Wilding
Subject: Re: Beginners first attempt
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 01:31:08 -0700 (PDT)

Here you go then - my attempt at a structured version of your music:

%% start here

\version "2.8.1"
#(set-global-staff-size 17.17)

\paper {
        #(define dump-extents #t)
        indent = 0\mm
        linewidth = 160\mm - 2.0 * 0.4\in
        ragged-right = ##f
        ragged-bottom = ##t
        ragged-last-bottom = ##t
        after-title-space = 1\mm                %between title and first system
        before-title-space = 1\mm               %between last system of one 
score and title of

\layout {
        \context { \Lyrics \override LyricSpace #'minimum-distance = #1.2 }

\header {
  title = "Sister Golden Hair"
  composer = "America"

csmD = { <gis dis' gis' b' dis'' gis''>4 \downbow }
csmU = { <gis dis' gis' b' dis'' gis''>4 \upbow }
csmBar = { \csmD \csmD \csmD \csmU }
aD = {  4 \downbow }
aU = {  4 \upbow }
aBar = { \aD \aD \aD \aU }
eD = { <e b  e' gis' b' e''>4 \downbow }
eU = { <e b  e' gis' b' e''>4 \upbow }
eBar = { \eD \eD \eD \eU }
gsmD = { <gis dis' gis' c'' d'' g''>4 \downbow }
gsmU = { <gis dis' gis' c'' d'' g''>4 \upbow }
gsmBar = { \gsmD \gsmD \gsmD \gsmU }
bD = { <fis b fis' b' dis''' fis'''>4 \downbow }
bU = { <fis b fis' b' dis''' fis'''>4 \upbow }
bBar = { \bD \bD \bD \bU }
fsmD = { <fis cis' fis' a' cis'' fis''>4 \downbow }
fsmU = { <fis cis' fis' a' cis'' fis''>4 \upbow }
fsmBar = { \fsmD \fsmD \fsmD \fsmU }
esusD = { <e b  e' a' b' e''>4 \downbow }
esusU = { <e b  e' a' b' e''>4 \upbow }
asusD = { <e a d a' d'' e''>4 \downbow }

%intro = { \csmBar \aBar \eBar \eBar \gsmBar }
intro = { \csmBar \aBar \eBar \eBar \gsmBar }

introChords = \chordmode { 
        cis1:m a e e gis:m

verseIntro = { \gsmBar \csmBar \bBar \aBar \aBar }

verseChords = \chordmode { 
        gis1:m cis:m b a a
        e1 e gis:m gis:m
        a e gis:m gis:m
        a fis:m
        cis2:m gis:m
        a1 fis:m a
        e2 e:sus4

verseIntro = { \gsmBar \csmBar \bBar \aBar \aBar }

verse = {
        \eBar \eBar \gsmBar \gsmBar
        \aBar \eBar \gsmBar \gsmBar 
        \aBar \fsmBar 
        \csmD \csmU \gsmD \gsmU
        \aD \aU \aD \aU
        \fsmD \fsmU \fsmD \fsmU
        \aD \aU \aD \aU
        \eD \eU
        \esusD \esusU
        \eD \eU
        \eD \eU

verseLyricsI = \lyricmode {
         Well I tried to make it Sunday.
         But I got so damn depressed
         that I set my sights on Monday
         and I got myself undressed.
         Im not ready for the altar,
         but I do agree theres times,
         when a woman sure can be a friend ofmine
verseLyricsII = \lyricmode  { 
        Well I keep on thinking bout you
        Sister Golden hair delight
        And I just can't live without you
        Cant you see it in my eyes
        I've been one poor coresspondent
        I've been too to hard to find
        But it doesnt mean
        You aint been on my mind

chorusChords = \chordmode { 
        e2 r
        b1 b a e b b a e

chorus = {
        \eD \eU r4 r4
        \eD \eU \eD \eU
        \eD \eU \eD \eU
        <fis b fis' a' cis'' fis''>1 \downbow
        <gis b  e' gis' b' e''>1 \downbow
        <e' cis'' e'' b''>1 \downbow

chorusLyrics = \lyricmode {
        Will you meet me in the mid -- dle
        %hyphenate words
        Will you meet me in the _ air
        %add skips
        Will_you love me just a little
        %Join words
        Just enough to show you care
        Well I tried to make it
        I dont mind saying
        I just cant take it.
outroChords = \chordmode { 
        a2:sus4 a
        b1 b a e b b a e b b a e

outro = {
        \asusD \asusD \aD \aD
        \eD \eU \eD \eU
        \eD \eU \eD \eU
        \eD \eU \eD

\score {
        \new Staff { \introChords }
        \new Staff { \intro }
        \header { piece = "Intro" }
\score {
        \new ChordNames { \verseChords }
        \new Staff { 
                \verseIntro \break
                \new Voice = "sungVerse" { \verse }
        \new Lyrics \lyricsto "sungVerse" { \verseLyricsI }
        \new Lyrics \lyricsto "sungVerse" { \verseLyricsII }
        \header { piece = "Verse" }

\score {
        \new ChordNames { \chorusChords }
        \new Staff { \new Voice = "sungChorus" { \chorus } }
        \new Lyrics \lyricsto "sungChorus" { \chorusLyrics }
        \header { piece = "Chorus" }

\markup{ "Re-intro" }

\markup{ "Chorus" }

\score {
        \new ChordNames { \outroChords }
        \new Staff { \outro }
        \header { piece = "Outro" }

\markup{ \center-align { \line { "C#m" }}}
\markup \fret-diagram-terse #"4-1-(;4-1;6-3;6-4;5-2;4-1-);"

\markup{ \center-align { \line { "A" }}}
\markup \fret-diagram-terse #"5-1-(;7;7;6;5-1;5-1-);"

%% End here

I don't imagine I have converted everything correctly but it should
demonstrate the principles.  I didn't know where they lyrics are meant to
go, so I have just included examples of how to move them around.  You could
usefully enter a key signature, too, I think.

Are you sure you want the chords displayed in full, though?  I'm not a
guitarist, but I would have thought that as there are only about half a
dozen different chords you could show the whole thing as
lyrics+melody+frets+chords+bow, or lyrics+melody+chords+bow with the fret
diagrams at the end.

BTW, with a bit of trial and error you can express the full guitar chords in
chordmode.  For example, by my reckoning your 'A' chord can be entered as


(And you could even make that chord show as 'A' in the chord names, using
chord exceptions, if you wanted to be fancy).

I'm not sure it's worth it, though, given that you can define the chords as
variables as I have done.

Hope that helps.  If you need any further explanation of the approach I have
used then I can email you directly.


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