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Re: convert-ly

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: convert-ly
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 10:57:45 +0200
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Quoting Stewart Holmes <address@hidden>:

Sorry, using 2.8.0 here.

To find which version to convert to, did you just use trial & error?

Not at all. convert-ly modifies the file step by step and prints out
all the intermediate version numbers. Since the first attempt to run
convert-ly ended with
5.2, 2.5.3, 2.5.12, 2.5.13, 2.5.17, 2.5.18, 2.5.21,
Not smart enough to convert auto beam settings
you can see that the problem occurs when it tries to convert to version 2.5.21.



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To: "Stewart Holmes" <address@hidden>
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Sent: Saturday, July 29, 2006 10:42 PM
Subject: Re: convert-ly

Please always tell what LilyPond version you use.

Using 2.8.5, I tried to convert the file and noticed that it
was the conversion between versions 2.5.18 and 2.5.21 that required manual intervention. Therefore, you can do convert-ly --to=2.5.18 ...
Manually edit the file and add
#(override-auto-beam-setting '(end * * * *)  2 4)
#(override-auto-beam-setting '(end * * * *)  3 4)
below #(override-auto-beam-setting '(end * * * *)  1 4)
and change the version number in the file to 2.5.21.
Then, just run convert-ly again and it will do the conversion
from 2.5.21 to the current version without any further problems.
Note that I haven't tried to actually process the file, so there
may be some further problems that convert-ly didn't handle at all.


Quoting Stewart Holmes <address@hidden>:


I'm trying to use convert-ly to update However, when I do, I'm given some nasty errors, which don't really mean a lot to me. My question... is it worth the time trying to tinker with the source file to get convert-ly to accept it, or should I just convert it manually?


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