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Re: I would like to buy this enhancement (highly motivated buyer)

From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: Re: I would like to buy this enhancement (highly motivated buyer)
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 14:52:59 +0200
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On Thursday 12 October 2006 18:22, Rick Hansen (aka RickH) wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestion Mats.
> My motivation for this is that I am currently writing some lesson material
> that reference full scores and would like to make a nice word processor
> document that flows, with illustrations embedded in the text, and the text
> flows around the illustrations, etc. (an old school typography look with no
> grids or tables).  Something that really looks nice and has an "artful" use
> of typography and imbedded illustrations.  I found that I needed dozens of
> music snippets from the original, and was wasting a lot of time massaging
> my already-completed-just-fine scores to put the excerpted notes into
> dedicated variables for re-use, tags, skiptypesetting, etc.  Times having
> to do that for all the vertical staffs, lyrics, chord names, across the
> needed measures, amplified the work.
> Finally I threw my hands up in frustration and thought of how I would make
> such a document using just a simple typewriter and xActo knife.

In this case, it is not sufficient to just use \tag etc., because if you do, 
each snippet will be treated as the first system, so time signature etc. will 
be displayed in each example.

One solution for you could be to wrap the .ly code inside a .tely document, 
and use lilypond-book. Lilypond-book generates one individual .eps for each 
system, so if you just insert \breaks in the right spots, then it should give 
you what you want (this way, you will also get page breaks between systems in 
a natural way).

Also, I hope you know about OOoLilypond; if not, please read the ML archives.


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