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Re: utf-8

From: dubcek
Subject: Re: utf-8
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 13:05:21 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks Frédéric,
I solved the problem by using Notepad and saving the file in utf-8. 

Frédéric Bron wrote:
> I use with success the windows version of lily combined with vim (:set 
> encoding=utf-8). No issue with French text.
> Can you send your extract and I will make it work. Then I am sure you 
> will be able to find a proper editor.
> Fred
> dubcek a écrit :
>> For about a year now. I have been using Lilypond. I was very happy with
>> it,
>> very very happy. Until the day that I tried to write a French title in
>> which
>> there was a letter with an accent. 
>> Ever since, no matter what I have done, I have failed to produce a pdf
>> file
>> that displayed the character properly.
>> I am using a Windows XP machine.
>> First I used the lilypond offered through cygwin. That worked until I
>> tried
>> the letter with the accent.
>> I have used emacs through cygwin, then the latest version of Xemacs
>> without
>> Cygwin. Nothing worked.
>> I updated lilypond through cygwin only to get no characters at all any
>> more.
>> When I read that it was better to use lilypond for Windows, I switched
>> (the
>> characters now were better than ever before, but still no character with
>> an
>> accent.
>> Finally, I switched editors, tried Editpad. To no avail.
>> I have spent innumerable hours trying to solve the problem. There must be
>> a
>> simple solution, for I have seen a source file with the line in the
>> header
>> saying inputencoding="utf-8". I copied that trick. Lilypond handled it
>> without protesting. But no accented character. 
>> Who can tell me in clear language how to lick the problem?
>> Thanks.
>> dubcek.
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> F. Bron
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> tél. : (33) 4 76 67 17 27
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