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tie attached on left side

From: Laura Conrad
Subject: tie attached on left side
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 11:02:33 -0500
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I have a piece where one part has a tied note going into the repeat
section, and also a tie from the end of the first ending to the
beginning of the repeat.

I've found two lilypond commands that are *almost* what I want.

\repeatTie sounds promising, but does the opposite of what I want.  It
attaches the right end of a tie to a note, leaving the left end
dangling.  I want one theat attaches the left end to the note, leaving
the right end dangling.

So then I looked at \laissezVibrer, which is indeed quite similar to
what I want, but the default appearance is probably deliberately
somewhat different from a normal tie.

Does someone know how to tweak the attached example so that the tie is
up instead of down (important) and a bit bigger (not necessary, but

Description: Binary data

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