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Re: Constructive Criticism and a Question

From: Luise Marion Frenkel
Subject: Re: Constructive Criticism and a Question
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 08:35:58 -0200 (BRST)

On Wed, 20 Dec 2006 address@hidden wrote:

> (2) \times 2/3 and \tuplet 3:2 don't mean the same thing:
>          \times 2/3 {c8 d e d e f}
> makes sense, but I don't think that
>          \tuplet 3:2 {c8 d e d e f}
> does.  The least messy option would be the status quo.  The keyword
> \times is perfectly clear.  You *could* keep \times and *add* the keyword
> \tuplet with the syntax \tuplet m:n {sequence-of-notes}, but then
> when the \tuplet expression is parsed, checks should be performed that
> would accept
>          \tuplet 3:2 {c8 d e}

I definitely agree that \times x/y is the least messy option.

I use Lilypond since 1.4.12 (yes, that's a long time ago and, yes, I 
suffered with the syntax change of brackets and slurs, among many other 
- but it has been worthwhile) Since I started to learn Lilypond, I 
thought \times one of the most clear and elegant parts of Lilypond, 
concerning the x/y. 

The very few times I confused it with \time - usually a typing error - 
it was always one of those easy to find and fix problems.

I hope that this (\times x/y) does not change, but if it does, well, I 
will live with it also....

Thanks to all for Lilypond and for the user- and devel- lists

Best regards,


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