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Re: osx intel broken?

From: Trevor Bača
Subject: Re: osx intel broken?
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 15:09:35 -0600

On 12/25/06, Sean Reed <address@hidden> wrote:

>> after unpacking the archives, they appear to be PPC programs that
>> won't run on my new iMac. I know I've used this software on this
>> computer before I re-installed it, so am I missing something? Or
>> is the file that is downloaded from the intel link actually a ppc
>> program?
> The frontend of the intel version claims to be ppc, but the actual
> processing is done in native intel code.  It works fine here.
> Please try double-clicking the intel version.
> - Graham

hi graham, hi james,

i've been experiencing a similar situation since i started work on a
macIntel, which coincided with 2.11.x coming out.

the stable macIntel version 2.10.x runs fine on my intel macbook pro

however, the macIntel 2.11.x versions will run a few times, but after
a certain number of measures it doesn't seem to complete the
compilation process. (i haven't found a pattern to it yet, the
current score i'm working on compiles fine up to 29 measures).

the console stops producing any feedback suddenly and opens the .pdf
in Preview immediately after the "Preprocessing graphical objects..."
statement with no changes to the output. the "date modified" of
the .ps and .pdf files doen't appear to change either. when i go back
and comment out everything but the first few measures, it works fine

Hi Sean,

I run into this exact situation every so often. Almost every time
there winds up being something quite spectacularly off in my rhythmic

I separate stuff into lots of voices and I use lots of tuplets. The
mid-graphic-object-preprocessing hang tends to show up when I
accidentally add or remove a couple of tuplet elements somewhere,
causing the math not to work out between the different layered voices.

Probably lots of other things can cause this same problem, but you
might try checking your rhythmic input starting right about measure

Trevor Bača

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