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Re: Very Beginner's Guide

From: Anthony W. Youngman
Subject: Re: Very Beginner's Guide
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 13:12:25 +0000
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In message <address@hidden>, Manuel <address@hidden> writes
So you are really two countries separated by a common language... How do Canadians, New Zealanders and other natives manage in between? I think that for us non-natives, "fourth" is logically easier than "crochet", though crochet and quaver sound nice. Like the French "soupir" for a rest.

It gets worse :-) What the Americans call a full note, the English call a semi-breve (literally, a "half-note") :-)

So an American quarter-note is actually an eighth-note.  :-)

Anthony W. Youngman - address@hidden

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