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Re: problems with german umlauts

From: René Bastian
Subject: Re: problems with german umlauts
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 19:15:43 +0100


I began with lilypond (2.11.12) last sunday (21.01.07) and I also had some
trouble with "accents à la française" and "deutsche Umlaute".

On Linux :
(x)emacs was too difficult (for me) to configure utf-8 output, 
[xemacs it is the editor whose short cuts I know the best] 
but it is easy to configure kate in order to obtain utf-8 output.

So I edited, with kate, a file with the needed letters in french and german ;
using (x)emacs I proceed by copy/paste.

"Des wärs fir heit. Tschüüüüss" ..

.. but if someone could explain me how to configure xemacs,
it would be fine.

René Bastian

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