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Re: Combining verses into one chorus

From: Jebus
Subject: Re: Combining verses into one chorus
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 13:48:54 -0700 (PDT)

Thank you Mats for pointing me in the right direction!

For those who care, the following code will produce the desired(as pictured in previous post) results:
leftbrace = \markup {\override #'(font-encoding . fetaBraces) \lookup #"brace175" }
rightbrace = \markup {\rotate #3.14 \leftbrace }
\relative c' {
	\new Staff <<
		\key es \major
		\time 4/4
			c4 c c c
			r d d d 
			f2 f
		\addlyrics {
			\set stanza = "1. "
			This is verse one. __
			\override LyricText #'Y-offset = #-2		%Move Lyrics down
			\override LyricHyphen #'Y-offset = #-2		%Move Lyric Hyphens down
			\override LyricExtender #'Y-offset = #-2	%Move Lyric Extenders down (Is there one property for all 3?)
			\once\override LyricText #'self-alignment-X = #RIGHT
			\markup{\rightbrace "         This" } 		%Line is Right-Aligned so the curly brace is right after the verses
			is the __ chor -- us.
		\addlyrics {
			\set stanza = "2. "
			This is verse two. __
			\override LyricText #'transparent = ##t "."	%Required to end the __ at the proper place

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