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Re: grace note leading to chord

From: Gilles THIBAULT
Subject: Re: grace note leading to chord
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 01:49:26 +0200

In a piece I am engraving with lilypond I have an acciaccatura leading to a
chord. The acciaccatura should actually lead to a specific note in that
chord (the highest one in my case). However, lilypond treats the chord as
one unit and doesn't allow to lead the acciaccatura to one of the chord's
notes. I found a partial solution by using \slurUp so that the slur leads to
the highest note but I would like the slur to go down and lead to the
highest note.
Is this possible?

Sorry : i tried a lot of things but none succedeed

I give an exemple,  it will be easier to help us :

Here, i want :      \acciaccatura b'8 c''
and lilypond do : \acciaccatura b'8 e'

\version "2.10.25"

{ \acciaccatura b'8 <c'' g'  e' >4 }



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