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Re: sunday school songs

From: Tim Litwiller
Subject: Re: sunday school songs
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 13:55:28 -0500
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Ralph Little wrote:

Hi Tim,
OK, it is a bit of a frig if you fancy giving it a try, but I think I can make it happen and it depends on what version of Lilypond you are using.

Find the file part-combiner.scm - it should be in the scm directory of your Lilpond installation.

Search for the string ";; voice crossings:" - should be about line 300.
This should be before it:

                  (< chord-threshold (ly:pitch-steps
                          (ly:pitch-diff (car pitches1)
                                 (car pitches2))))

Add the following *after* the above snippet:

                  (= 1 (ly:pitch-steps
                          (ly:pitch-diff (car pitches1)
                                 (car pitches2))))
                  (= 0 (ly:pitch-steps
                          (ly:pitch-diff (car pitches1)
                                 (car pitches2))))

You should be able to just use \partcombine. The code above decides that if the pitch difference is 1 or 0 then separate the notes.

I will try to get something more official added to the distribution that is configurable to make this happen optionally.

Let me know how you get on.


Thanks Ralph, I'll get the latest version first. and then see if I can do this.

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