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How to use the table of contents

From: christophe
Subject: How to use the table of contents
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 18:54:49 +0000 (UTC)
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Hello Lily users,

I try to use the table of contents feature from lily. I work most of the time
with exemples that i try to change according my needs, but this time i did not
find any full exemple for this feature. did any one of you can help me by
sending a full example?
question about this example: why i cannot change the title to have it in french.
what's wrong with the following text?
thanks for your help. my english is not so good so if you can use simple word i
will appreciate


\version "2.11.32"

\paper {
  #(define dump-extents #t)
  indent = 0\mm
  line-width = 11.0\cm
  force-assignment = #""
  line-width = #(- line-width (* mm  3.000000))

\layout {
\sourcefileline 862
\header { tagline = ##f }
\paper {
        tocTitleMarkup = \markup \huge \column {
        \fill-line { \null "Table des matières" \null }
        \hspace #1
        tocActMarkup = \markup \large \column {
        \hspace #1
        \fill-line { \null \italic \fromproperty #'toc:text \null }
        \hspace #1

tocAct = 
#(define-music-function (parser location text) (markup?)
   (add-toc-item! 'tocActMarkup text))

\book {
  \markuplines \table-of-contents
  \tocAct \markup { Livre Premier }
  \tocItem \markup { Canon Pachelbel }
  \tocItem \markup { Lucie Obispo }
  \tocItem \markup { Mistral gagnant Renaud }
  \tocItem \markup { Prélude n°1 J.S. Bach }
  \tocItem \markup { Lettre à Elise L. Beethoven }
  \tocItem \markup { Sonate n°1 W.A. Mozart }
  \tocItem \markup { Invention n°12 J.S. Bach }
  \tocItem \markup { Invention n°13 J.S. Bach }
  \markup \null

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