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Re: Tie across triplet boundary

From: Eyolf Østrem
Subject: Re: Tie across triplet boundary
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 09:03:04 +0100
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On 29.12.2007 (23:17), Michael Nelson wrote:
> Hi guys.  I'm a new user of Lilypond.  I'm notating an old (out of copyright) 
> edition of Bach's Invention 1.  I was happy to get through the first 5 bars 
> with remarkably few problems.  But I have hit a snag in bar 6.  See the 
> snapshot of the original:
> In the last 6 notes in the treble stave there is a triplet with the last note 
> tied to the following b.  I get an error because (I presume) the tie crosses 
> the triplet boundary.  My failed attempt for those last 6 notes is:

No, you get it because you didn't place the tie mark ~ after the note that
should be tied, but after the bracket. 

\times 2/3 { b32 c b } ~ b16  vs.
\times 2/3 { b32 c b ~ } b16

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