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Re: GDP: NR 1.1 Pitches

From: Trevor Bača
Subject: Re: GDP: NR 1.1 Pitches
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 14:38:29 -0600

2008/1/14 Andrew Hawryluk <address@hidden>:
If they are all from the Beethoven Piano Sonatas, then I can compare
them with the edition I have at home. Are there any any outside NR 1?

Oh excellent; indeed, they are all from the Beethoven sonatas. In fact I believe they are all from the mid- and late sonatas. Right now there are bits only in NR 1, at the head of each subsection ( 1.1 Pitches, 1.2 Rhythms, 1.3 Expresive marks, and so on, all the way to and with 1.8 Text).

I've put citations down to the measure in the comments (just click on the headword) ... although it can be fun to simply score read for a couple of minutes and try to recall movements for each of the examples from memory! (These are some of my very favorite moments in the Beethoven sonatas ... and in literature as a whole, for that matter ... ;-)



On Jan 14, 2008 12:55 PM, Trevor Bača <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Jan 14, 2008 1:43 PM, Andrew Hawryluk <address@hidden > wrote:
> > In the relative octave section, paragraph beginning "When octaves are
> > specified", I suggest we replace "as above" with "in absolute mode",
> > "put a pitch" with "put a single pitch", and "prevents" with
> > "reduces". This should clarify the intent of the paragraph, and the
> > advantages of relative mode.
> >
> > Under "automatic accidentals" the second paragraph is missing a ")"
> somewhere.
> >
> > Is it worth mentioning that LilyPond will not place accidentals on
> > tied notes _except_ when the tie crosses a line break? (As an aside,
> > does anyone know of a way to parenthesize the accidental in that
> > case?)
> >
> > Also, I love the Beethoven excerpts. Very classy touch.
> >
> Excellent; I wondered if anyone was going to enjoy those. I did them up in
> and out of airports a while back, and, as listed in the minor to-dos, I've
> got to fix line breaks in a couple of sections (most especially Rhythm ...
> which includes 128th notes as a quiet nod to the discussion on the list a
> couple of months ago ;-)
> One request: could somebody *please* proof the the headwords? Like I said, I
> was mostly sitting in airports when I did those and, although I did proof, I
> seem *always* to miss something ... (In a couple of places I've taken
> liberties with some of the phrasing and fingering, according to my own
> preferences, but we must make sure that the pitches and rhythms are
> absolutely right ...)
> --
> Trevor Bača
> address@hidden

Trevor Bača
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