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Re: Status of lilypond for jazz charts?

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: Status of lilypond for jazz charts?
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 15:41:55 -0500

Hi Iain,

I am trying to change some chord symbols.

Your code doesn't work because, although you correctly create the exception list, you never explicitly \set it into the correct place -- here's a corrected (and slightly modified, for instructional purposes) example:

\version "2.10.10"
\include ""

    title = "Song Title"

% write out all custom exceptions here:
customChordExceptions =
    <c ef g>-\markup { "-" }
        <c e g bf>-\markup { "7" }
        <c e gf b>-\markup { \fontsize #1 "ΓΈ" }

% add custom exceptions to existing exceptions:
newChordExceptionList = #(append
    (sequential-music-to-chord-exceptions customChordExceptions #t)

melody = \relative c'
   \clef treble \key c \major \time 4/4
   \repeat "unfold" 2 { f4 e8[ c] d4 g | a1 }

harmonies = \chordmode
        % default
        c2:m f2:min7 c2:7 ef:maj7.5-

        % override with custom list
        \set chordNameExceptions = #newChordExceptionList
        c2:m f2:min7 c2:7 ef:maj7.5-

                \new ChordNames { \set chordChanges = ##t \harmonies }
                \new Staff \melody

I'm also specifically interested in getting a large size 0 with slash
for half-diminished ( m7b5) and a - for minor instead of m.

I believe that's in there...  =)
You can play around with the particular \markup code, as desired.

Hope this helps,

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