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Re: GDP: What term do you use? (redux)

From: Kurt Kroon
Subject: Re: GDP: What term do you use? (redux)
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 11:39:16 -0800
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>> ...
>> What the Dutch, Danish, Finnish and Swedish words for 128th- and 256th-notes
>> and -rests?

I was able to get the note names for English (both flavors), French,
Spanish, Italian and German elsewhere.  That's why I only asked for the
names in Dutch, Danish, Finnish and Swedish only.

> In English, this would depend on which side of the Atlantic you live
> in. Here in North America the standard terminology would be 128th
> note/rest or 256th note or rest. I'm not sure what the British call
> it. It will be something like semi-demi-hemi-quaver I believe..
> someone will correct me if I'm wrong (quite possible!)

If you follow the pattern, a 128th-note would be a semihemidemisemiquaver
(though I have heard it called a quasihemidemisemiquaver) and a 256-note
would be a demisemihemidemisemiquaver.

But thanks for answering anyway.  (Alard already answered for Dutch, so
maybe I need to make a more pointed request to the known Danish, Finnish,
and Swedish speakers on the list).


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