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Re: do these notes exist?

From: Ledocq-Boccart
Subject: Re: do these notes exist?
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 06:50:10 +0100
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Hi Maarten, Hi List,

I also feel almost silly to give you what follows.

This should be a theoretical matter , just for correct writting of a major scale according to its definition, i.e. "has to be diatonic" in its writting.

I have already seen such things while learning accordion bass keyboard (left hand) configuration:

Have a look on

on the grey button on right side of the image, two buttons are noted F* and C*, for F## and C## (ie Feses and Ceses)
see also at left side a black button noted Bbb ( = Bisis)

on accordion bass keyboard, buttons are sorted and noted according to the following serie
Bbb Fb Cb Gb Db Ab Eb Bb F C G D A E B F# C# G# D# A# E# B# F## C##

I give you what I know with my words - sorry for my rather basic english knowledge or mistakes - That is the continuation of the alteration serie (you know F C G D A E B if, starting from C major scale, the major scale "shifted" of 5 degrees above C gives the G major scale with Fes; and so on with D major scale with Fes + Ces; and so on up to 7 # with the Ces major scale); going on with the Ges major scale (5 degrees above Ces) asks G - no alteration here -;
and 5 degrees above Ges gives Des major scale asking D as alteration;
the Des major scale written " Des F Fes ...C D" "sounds" correctly; but that notation does not fullfill the definition of the "diatonic" major scale (which requires diffrerent names for notes).

That should be why - as far as I know - "Des Ees Fes ... Bes *Ceses*" should be the correct writting of the Des major scale.

(...rather theoratical, is not it?)

Same explanation for Bisis in the reverse direction.

Sorry for eventual ... headaches  ;-)


M.v.Strien a écrit :

I almost feel too silly to ask :-), but do these notes exist at all in music/musictheory?


gr. Maarten

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