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Staff regular layout

From: papa.eric
Subject: Staff regular layout
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 13:46:19 +0200
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Hi, I cannot find in the documentation whether it is possible to have staves 
layout identically on all pages (matching side to side).

For example, in my problem the optimal spacing found by Lilypond (2.11) is 5 
staves in the 1st page, 4 in the second, 5 in the 3rd, 3 in the last. In the 
second page, the 4 systems are evenly spaced, which looks very large compared 
to others. I would not like to set ragged-bottom for all pages. Imposing the 
number of staves per page does not look nice (17 is 4+4+4+4+1 or 5+5+2).

My ideal solution would be to enlarge the title area to have 4 + 5 + 5 + 3 
staves, all matching side by side, that is the 1st on the 1st page being at the 
same height that the 2nd on the 2nd page (the title facing the 1st staff of the 
2nd page). And the last page would be "ragged-bottomed" but still obeing the 
same vertical spacing.

Can I do this without having to find by hand empirically the exact title size 
and between-system distance?

Can I tell the layout to match staves on all pages when put side to side? (It 
seems that currently, staff layout is done page by page independently after 
finding the number of staves on each page.)

I found nothing on Documentation section 5.1.2 "Page formatting", neither on 
the Score context and NonMusicalPaperColumn (following the LSR's "PageLayout" 

Thanks, Eric

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