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Re: using lilypond book to create pdfs without latex

From: Philip Chinery
Subject: Re: using lilypond book to create pdfs without latex
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 11:38:39 +0200

> Then use this script to stick the chordpro files into separate
> lilypond files, compile each lilypnod file individually, and stick
> the resulting pdfs together however you want.
> I don't understand the problem -- you have a scripting language at
> your disposal, so use it.

I'll do a "bigger tour" on ours plans. We have a large number of
ChordPro files. Many of them have a lilypond file linked to them, which
should be included in the output PDF. The notes should not cover full
pages, as we have text that needs to be placed underneath. So I need to
know how much of the page is used and if I need to place lines on the
next page as well. At the moment, we are using the detour with latex,
but this takes a lot of time and we need to maintain a tex file as well,
so we want to reduce that.

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