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Re: GDP: first public draft, NR 1.4 Repeats

From: Joe Neeman
Subject: Re: GDP: first public draft, NR 1.4 Repeats
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 22:45:29 +1000

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 10:10 AM, Graham Percival <address@hidden> wrote:
On Mon, 28 Jul 2008 17:12:38 +1000
Joe Neeman <address@hidden> wrote:

> Normal repeats:
>   I see you have an example with a partial alternative. Maybe you
> should call attention to the \partial in the text, since this is
> something that seems to come up on the user list regularly.

The text already says
Repeats with upbeats can be entered in two ways:

What else would you propose?  (or are you looking at something

I was referring to the fact that the "\partial 4*3" in the alternative bar is necessary to keep LilyPond's timekeeping happy. Now that I read this section again, I see that this is mentioned as a known issue. It might still be worth making clear that you have an example demonstrating the known issue and its solution.


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