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Re: doc work

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: doc work
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 11:10:03 -0400

Hi Graham,

If I'm not mistaken, putting them in \book results in
foo.pdf    (main score)
foo-0.pdf   (1st violin)
foo-1.pdf   (2nd violin)
foo-2.pdf   (viola)
foo-3.pdf   (cello)

Yes... although there is (or should be) a request in the system for the ability to change the output name of a \book.

Is that really preferable to separate files, where you can give
the .ly files (and therefore the .pdfs) sensible names?

For a template, that's supposed to get a newbie up and running as quickly as possible?
Yes, IMO.

That said, perhaps the template should just show a string quartet score; people wanting to create separate parts can read the appropriate section of the LM.

Well, there's no reason (IMO) why the template can't already have that in it — if they want to tweak the way the parts look or print, then they can go LM-ing.

No. If people want "real music" as templates, there's 1000 scores in Mutopia.

The last time I checked Mutopia, I was shocked by the (low) quality of the coding. =( I personally would never suggest that anyone use any Mutopia file I've seen as an example/template.

I don't want tutorial-newbies trying to figure out what
parts of a real piece to delete in order to get a basic template.

Um... the notes only, just like now?

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