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custom titles example doesn't work

From: Tom Cloyd
Subject: custom titles example doesn't work
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 00:22:48 -0700
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[LilyPond-2.11.56 (development-branch), in Kubuntu Linux 8.04.1]

Inserting the definition example given in "3.2.1 Creating titles" of the Notation Reference (NR) for GNU LilyPond version 2.11.56 into my code file give me the most amazing page of error message. I don't see the problem, and don't understand the error msg. If someone can quickly point out my error, I'd be grateful. Without the insertion, this code file runs without error and produces excellent output.

The inserted code:

 oddHeaderMarkup = \markup {
   \fill-line {
     \fromproperty #'header:title \fromproperty #'header:composer}

The entire section from my code file:

\paper {
#(set-default-paper-size "letter" 'portrait) oddHeaderMarkup = \markup {
   \fill-line {
     \fromproperty #'header:title \fromproperty #'header:composer}
 ragged-last-bottom = ##t % turns off vertical justify
 left-margin = 0.6\in
 line-width = 7\in   % works better than specifying R-margin
 bottom-margin = 0.7\in
top-margin = 0.7\in }

The initial part of the error messages:

GNU LilyPond 2.11.56
Processing `'
Parsing... error: syntax error, unexpected SCM_TOKEN
 ragged-last-bottom =
                      ##t % turns off vertical justify error: syntax error, unexpected STRING, expecting \default or NOTENAME_PITCH
        g \major error: syntax error, unexpected STRING
    r2. < e'' fis''-4\3 g''-1\2 >2\sfz \fermata |} \\

Thanks for any help!



Tom Cloyd, MS MA, LMHC - Private practice Psychotherapist
Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A: (360) 920-1226
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