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Re: Stem Combining

From: Daniel Cheramie
Subject: Re: Stem Combining
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2008 06:19:40 -0400

Hi James,

Yes, I know enough Scheme to be dangerous, but it is not my language of
choice. I have tried twice to write such a function, but it became so
complex that I got lost in the (). :)

I have tried the part combiner and it is close, but not the same.
Attached is an example PDF and lilypond source.


On Thu, 2008-09-04 at 09:35 +0200, James E. Bailey wrote:
> Am 04.09.2008 um 03:57 schrieb Daniel Cheramie:
> Automatically? That would be kind of difficult. (Except with Scheme, I  
> don't know a thing about it, but I'm convinced now that anything  
> that's difficult or cumbersome in lilypond becomes infinitely easier  
> if you know Scheme.) The problems, as I see them are this:
> 1) Part combine would combine the notes that are the same into one  
> stem, but also all notes that are the same rhythmic value and only has  
> stems in opposite directions when they are different rhythmic values.
> 2) Multiple voices (which is probably what you're using) has all stems  
> opposite on all notes (and has the problem of two rests which looks  
> reeally ugly)
> The best solution I can think of would be to do it yourself, and code  
> it like piano music with lyrics. Because, if you're looking at two  
> stave-hymnals, while it's good for a choir, the stems as they are are  
> an aid to an accompanist, as a singer, I hate not having my stems  
> clearly show me which part I'm looking at.

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