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Re: Printing problem with Evince

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: Printing problem with Evince
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 08:49:39 -0500
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Hmm. I changed the print driver to a ps one. That driver wasn't available when I was using the cups interface to hook up to the printer--very limited options for drivers on Mac's cups system--but once the printer was installed that way I was able to reconfigure using the regular OSX interface. I printed a page from Preview and it looks great. :)

I know I was using a ps driver when I got fuzzy edges, though, because I printed an orchestral score on 11x17 paper, and I'm certain that I set that printer up using a ps driver--it's the only one in our dept. that handles 11x17 paper, and I always set it up with care. I don't even recall now whether I was using Preview or Acrobat when I printed the big score, but you can see all kinds of fuzzy edges if you look closely. Maybe I need to specify a higher resolution when running Lilypond on this file? The global staff size is set to 16. Do you think this is why it could be printing with fuzzy edges? Doesn't seem likely but I suppose it's possible...


Alexander Kobel wrote:
Jonathan Kulp wrote:
I haven't looked very far into it.  I use Preview for previewing things,
because as you say it's very fast, but if I have to print it and make it
look good, I use Adobe Reader.  It's probably the print driver, because
when I zoom in on-screen everything looks great on Preview.  Maybe I'll
redo the printer setup.

Well, than it is strange that the Adobe reader does a better job. Does
Adobe rasterize everything before printing by default?

Jonathan Kulp

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