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Re: short instrument name setting

From: chip
Subject: Re: short instrument name setting
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 15:15:19 -0700
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Kieren MacMillan wrote:
Hi Cameron,

Yeah... \context is okay, I guess, but surely my way of doing
this---using \set short.InstrumentName in the appropriate \staff block
is the more idiomatic way to go. That way the definition is
*completely* removed from the content. It just seems more LilyPondish.

I always try to set instrument name(s) in the \score block (or a subcontext) instead of the content — I probably should have started by suggesting that to Chip.

The only place where this approach doesn't work well is with instrument switches, which are still unnecessarily complex and error-prone in Lilypond.

I've been reading all the messages in this thread and haven't quite understood all of it, but I believe you are referring to the content section as the section where all the notes are. That being the wrong place to put \set short.instrumentname. I finally settled on putting the instrument names in this section of my score, which is how I have it now, using the header item 'piece'. This works well and looks good on the printed sheet.

\book { \score { << \new Staff = "trumpeta" \with { \remove Instrument_name_engraver } \trumpeta >> \header {piece="Trumpet 1"} \layout { indent = 0\mm} } }

Whether or not this is the 'correct' way I don't know, but it does the job.

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