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Re: Persian accidentals

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: Persian accidentals
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 13:02:23 +0100

On 30 Jan 2009, at 03:34, Kees van den Doel wrote:

Is there any way to print the koron (60cents flat) and sori (40 cent sharp)?

Check with Graham Breed - it might be possible now.

I've defined these pitch alterations by modifying but they should really
be printed according to the Persian notation.

I am curious where you got those figures. The values in Hormoz Farhat's thesis suggest one should use E53 with koron lowering 3 commas and sori raising 2 commas (E53 tonesteps). He describes the Persian pitch system using a minor (resp. major) second m (resp. M) plus a neutral second n. In E53 they are m = 4, M = 9, n = 6.

Then I wanted to retune m, M into E12. There is a suggestion that n can be set to the rational interval 27/25, which is close to Farhat's values, and also sound good in Scala. If I fix n at that value, a close approximation is E36, or if you so like, in E12 let (koron resp. sori) lower 2/3 (resp. raise 1/3) of an E12 tonestep.

Now, this is very close to your suggestion, making me curious about the motivation for those setting those.

koron = upside down flat, with a triangular body like |>
sori = like sharp but with the two horizontal lines angled to form a '>' sign.

In Scala, and some other places when only ASCII is available, one uses
  koron  p
  sori   >

Any suggestions appreciated, I'm prepared to do some hacking if required.

I think this should now be possible.


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